Asian Journal of atmospheric environment
Asian Journal of atmospheric environment Asian Journal of atmospheric environment
Asian Journal of atmospheric environment
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Types of Manuscripts

AJAE is devoted to the advancement of knowledge in the fields listed below. Five types of manuscripts are published in AJAE : (1) research articles, (2) review articles, (3) technical information, (4) special features, and (5) discussion and reply.

  • 쨌 Atmospheric Measurements and Analysis
  • 쨌 Current Status and Management
  • 쨌 Dispersion and Reaction
  • 쨌 Control Technology
  • 쨌 Global Environment
  • 쨌 Health and Ecological Effect
  • 쨌 Indoor Air Quality
  • 쨌 Other Related Fields

Research articles: Original findings pertaining to the scope of AJAE journal will be published after peer-review. In full-length research articles, authors can describe new experimental or theoretical results of significant importance. Articles of merit will be accepted for publication based on the judgment of three reviewers.

Review articles: Authoritative review can be published either by the invitation or by direct submission. In both cases, the work will be subject to peer-review by three reviewers. The review article should include critical review of important areas in atmospheric science and engineering.

Technical information: A report, that includes relevant analytical or treatment information, new experimental elaboration on previous journal articles, etc., with a brief piece of work, although not sufficiently comprehensive for a full article, can be published as technical information.

Special features: Special features will be published by invitation only and will be on atmospheric environmental topics judged to be important by AJAE editorial board.

Discussions and reply: Opinion and comments regarding the contents of articles published in AJAE within one year period can be published as discussion and reply paper.